January Review

Can you believe it's the end of January?! I sure can't. I know this post is a little unusual but I wanted to do it to connect more with you. It's not all cooking, eating, and blogging here! I'm interested to hear if anyone is trying anything or if it all just looks yummy. Patrick and I are enjoying being in the kitchen more and more and are excited to keep exploring.

So without further ado here are some of my blog / food thoughts from January!

1. A meaningful thanks for reading! Hope you're enjoying reading the blog as much as we're enjoying the cooking and blogging. The truest compliment and what would excite me the most is to hear that you tried a recipe! Woo! But if trying new recipes isn't your thing thanks for your continued support and reading. Annnd don't hesitate to comment. :-)

2. With that said a big thank you to Mom for trying a recipe! And also to Granny for trying two delicious sides. Granny and Mom may have a slight advantage with their printed recipes--more about this coming in February. Mom's initial attempt at Spinach Manicotti 11/3/10 turned into Spinach Shells with Bacon! Her quick thinking and innovation led to this just-as-yummy-transformation. The little ol' grocery store back home didn't have manicotti so she substituted the jumbo shells and just for a little crunch she added bacon on top. The recipe made plenty of leftovers and she was even able to share with Granny and Poppa.

Mom sent me a photo of her Spinach Shells with Bacon creation. So much yummyness. 
3. With the premiere of Winter Wipeout comes viewing parties! My friends and I decided on Sunday nights for this season and themed potlucks! So far we've experimented with Mexican and Southern--look out for these posts and more in February. These are very convenient. Everyone brings a little something and the theme allows for all the dishes to complete a meal.

4. Patrick and I seem to have identified some of our favorite comfort food dishes. Chicken pot pie and macaroni & cheese are two dishes that come to my mind. We've prepared these dishes with several different recipes and are still settling on a favorite. Comparing our final products is much easier with the blog. It's fun to see how our processes change and which one's we're enjoying more. Maybe one day we'll put parts of one with another and start creating the perfect dish for us.

5. A quick just for fun link to a post from last January! The food blog was up and running at the beginning of last year but the posts were few and far between; our serious blogging began in the fall. Enjoy this gem from last year: Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Cream Sauce. Hopefully we'll have a search box on the blog soon so you can find past blog posts easier.

Thanks for reading! Happy cooking,
Whitney and Patrick

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  1. I feel very special to have made it onto your blog! All of your entries look interesting and delicious - just wish I had the "energy" to try them all! The spinach shells were great - will certainly try again.

    Keep exploring! Mom