Oreo Truffles!

These are so amazing... I suggest not trying the recipe because you'll fall in love... with an oreo truffle. yum. The recipe is a bit intensive so after they were complete and chilling I had decided that they wouldn't be made again. However I took one bite and these oreo truffles worked their magic.

Last year for my birthday Granny gave me a food processor with a note and a recipe. The note read "Happy Birthday! This recipe was in the paper one day and Judy tried it - She said you needed a food processor to make it so give it a try. We thought they were delicious." Needless to say the recipe is for Oreo Truffles!!

1 (16-oz) package chocolate sandwich cookies, divided
1 (8-oz) package cream cheese, softened
16 oz semisweet baking chocolate melted with 1 teaspoon shortening, or white-chocolate almond bark, melted

A couple notes before the directions.
1) I halved the recipe and made ~40 1/2inch balls
2) The calorie cutting way: I used reduced fat oreos and light cream cheese! Couldn't tell a difference at all...

Now let the fun begin!

--Place cookies in a food processor and process into fine crumbs. Add cream cheese; pulse until mixture is blended and comes together into a dough.
--Roll dough into about 40 small balls, a little over 1 inch in diameter. Place on wax paper-lined baking sheet and refrigerate about 1 hour.
--Melt chocolate and shortening or candy coating. Working one by one, drop each ball into melted chocolate, roll around to coat and lift with fork, letting excess run off. Place back on wax paper-lined baking sheet and let stand or refrigerate until set.


  1. Wish I had some of these right now! cmm

  2. Made another batch today. The candy coating is so much easier than melting chocolate on stovetop (came in it's own microwavable tray). Mix the candy coating with peanut butter to make it super super delicious!