Snow Cream!

I haven't done much cooking this past week with snow on the ground. But I was able to fix one of my favorite treats which I'm only able to enjoy every few years or so when there's snow on the ground -- snow cream! Lots of people were unfamiliar with this delicate dessert, they'd say "what? you eat snow?" Snow cream is actually a bit of a family tradition. Granny called me the day of the snow and said she had stepped outside just long enough to get herself a scoop of snow for snow cream!

Snow Cream
Ingredients: Sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, snow*
*amount of snow varies. I'd say maybe about 1 1/2 cups for each person partaking in this joyous dish. Also powdery snow works best!

Combine all ingredients and enjoy! You may freeze if there's extra but it's ideal to eat it then.

When there's a snow storm coming, sweetened condensed milk is a much a part of my emergency food list as bread and peanut butter are. But if you don't have this milk and sugar will work just fine!

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