Snippets from the Scullery: Hobo's!

This second installation of Snippets from the Scullery will feature Hobo's. An easy to make mini meatloaf dish perfect for using up veggies and easy to prep!

I remember eating this at a beach trip with my dad a really long time ago. I had to be around seven or eight. And I'm not even sure why I remember eating this particular dish. I think I was just amazed that you could wrap stuff in an aluminum foil package and it'd be all done in about 30 minutes! I browsed the internet quite a bit to find cooking times but most sites just told me to throw it on the campfire for an undesignated amount of time (not helpful at all).

1 lb Hamburger

*I'll detail what I used when preparing but I'm excited about trying different ways and variations so for this dish the sky's the limit!

Mix hamburger with selected seasonings. To my hamburger I added Worcestershire sauce and oregano. I also chose to add one egg and bread crumbs to make it more meatloaf-y and also if I overcooked the meat maybe it wouldn't dry it out as much. I made 5 patties (one for lefftovers!). Place the patties on a square of aluminum foil. On top of the hamburger I added one bay leaf, two slices of potatoes, and two slices of onions. I added freshly minced garlic on top of the potatoes and pepper on top of the onions. At this point feel free to add other vegetables and spices as you wish! Wrap the hobo's and place them in a preheated 350F oven for 45 minutes.

Deliciousness awaits you! We also had a fresh salad and watermelon with the meal to round out the food groups!

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